It won't be long now. Oregon Spring, field grown tomato.

No, I’m not talking about the coming celebratory fireworks, though the colors and shapes of my explosion rival, and in my opinion surpass, them.  And I’m not talking about some distant act of terror in a far off corner of the world, though to be sure my explosion carries with it the possibility of devastation. […]

Solid gold!

Fluffy, moist, perfectly cooked golden curds.  What a wonderful, safe, healthy way to start the day.

Often it occurs to me throughout the course of my average day how fortunate I am to grow and raise the food that my family and I eat.  Indeed this happens almost daily around breakfast time due to my ritual consumption of at least three fresh eggs. Yes, you read that correctly.  I eat at […]

Blessed with work.

After digging the walking paths, composting and planting - the tomatoes are off and running.

After stumbling into the house from the falling dark of dusk and describing to my wife my night and the work yet to do she dropped that little proverb.  Blessed with work.  Indeed. I’ve always thought so.  There are certainly times when the work can seem less like a blessing than a curse.  But the […]